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Scriptwriter | Script Editor
Ian Masters is a freelance story liner, scriptwriter and script editor most recently for One Fine Day Films/ Ginger Ink (Kenya), Oxfam (Palestinian Territories) and BBC Media Action in Nigeria, Cambodia, Bangladesh and South Sudan. Prior to this, he worked with new writers in Africa and Asia to develop short films from through his NGO ScriptNet. He has taught at the Kampala Film School, at the Africa Digital Media Institute in Nairobi and run script labs through Rithy Panhs Bophana Centre in Cambodia. He has a Masters Degree in script writing from Bournemouth University. His first feature film as writer and producer, The Last Reel premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival 2014 where it won The Spirit of Asia Award and was Cambodia's official submission to the Academy Awards. He won best screenplay at the 57th Asia Pacific Film Awards.
C.E.O MTN Nyege Nyege
Derek Debru is a professional communication expert and film consultant based in Kampala, Uganda. He is also the founder of MTN Nyege Nyege International Festival and Boutique electronics. “Ever since I began working with film I’ve wanted to push the limits of what was possible and use it as a tool to do more than just represent,” says Derek. He grew up in the center of Brussels and had a rather uneventful youth, but during college he started to branch out and developed a passion for learning and a deep need to experience other places and other minds.” Derek jumped at the opportunity to finish his studies in Japan. He has been wandering the globe ever since.” While he was traveling, Derek took on a variety of different jobs from door to door salesman in the American Midwest to working on a round the world cruise. As he traveled, he encountered some amazing stories. “After traveling for a while he wanted to find a medium that would allow hi, to record some of these experiences and stories, so he chose to start exploring film. He was offered a rotary scholarship to study in India and during that time he realized that he was really drawn to the process of making films collectively, as a group.” ​

Managerial Team

Administrator | Producer
Gonzaga is a graduate of Makerere University in Kampala. He brings over 5 years of broad experience in various aspects of accounting, finance, technology and business management to the Edcom Filmz team. He strongly believes that when one enjoys what he or she does, they perform well at it. Gonzaga’s engaging manner and assertive approach coupled with his ability to effectively communicate with colleagues and clients ensures that common goals are achieved with satisfaction and ease; this successful outcome is an express reflection of his enjoyment of work in general and people in particular. Gonzaga is calmly efficient and eternally positive! He loves to innovate.
Finance | Accountant
Christopher is a Bachelor's Degree holder in Management Science from Kyambogo University. He is detail oriented, efficient and an organized professional with extensive knowledge and experience in various accounting systems. He posseses strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to make out well thought decisions.

Creative Team

Creative Director
Derrick is a professional filmmaker with experience and technical skills in the film and television industry. He is a cinematographer, producer, film director and video editor. He has a Diploma in Film and Television Production from Africa Digital Media Institute, Nairobi-Kenya and holds a Certificate in Graphics Design from Artfield Institute of Design, Kampala-Uganda. Derrick has worked with several filmmakers such as WhatsGoodStudios, Nairobi-Kenya. He has produced short films and documentaries such as DIRECTOR'S CUT, GUILT and the Award winning CASH MY CART. Derrick produced and directed a non-profit documentary for the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals, Kenya in 2018.
Production Manager
Joyce is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Uganda. She holds a Diploma in Filmmaking from Kampala Film School. Joyce has worked on a number of Short Films, Public Service Announcements and Documentaries. In 2016, She co-produced a short documentary film ARTHUR that was nominated at Uganda Film Festival, Silicon Valley African Film Festival in California, Piton International Film Festival in St Lucia in 2016. She directed a documentary film ZZINA that was awarded Best documentary at the Uganda Film Festival Awards, nominated at the Urban Films Festival Africa in Paris and Pearl International Film Festival in 2017. She was recognised at Bayimba International Music Festival, 2018 for her film. Joyce has also worked with Kayle Productions - Rwanda, Edcom Filmz Limited to produce a musical documentary “Your Music Your Voice” with Goethe – Zentrum Kampala that won an award for Best Documentary at Uganda Film Festival and was selected at Cefalu Film Festival, 2018 in Italy.
Head of Production
Edmond is an award-winning filmmaker based in Kampala. He is the founder of Edcom Filmz Limited and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking from Kampala Film School, Uganda. In 2016, Edmond produced and shot a documentary film ARTHUR that was nominated for the Uganda Film Festival Awards, best short documentary film at Silicon Valley African Film Festival, 2016 in California, Piton International Film Festival at St Lucia and Amakula International Film Festival in 2018. He has also worked on short films, commercials, PSAs, TV Series and documentaries for the Ugandan Market and supported international production shootings. In 2017, he partnered with Goethe – Zentrum Kampala (Uganda German Cultural Society) to produce a short documentary film YOUR MUSIC YOUR VOICE that won best documentary award at the Uganda Film Festival in 2018, nominated at Zanzibar International Film Festival and selected to participate at Cefalu Film Festival in Italy. Edmond has also directed and produced a short documentary film CASH MY CART that won an award as best documentary at Global Youth Film Festival in Bangladesh 2018, nominated at Zanzibar International Film Festival 2018, Uganda Film Festival 2017, Early Bird International Film Festival Bulgaria 2017, Urban Films Festival Africa Paris 2017, Lake International PanAfrican Film Festival Kenya 2017. He has since released another short documentary THE LAST VICTIM that was nominated at the Uganda Film Festival 2018 and African Film Festival 2018 for best documentary.
Sound Technician | Editor
Isaac is a graduate of Kampala Film School with passion in cinematography, sound recording and video editing. He exhibits great technical skills in his field of strength and has worked with Edcom Filmz on several projects such as Your Music Your Voice, and Azulato Children's Festival.

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