Edcom Filmz is an award-winning film production company based in Kampala, Uganda. We specialize in the production of social, entertaining and commercial stories for both local and international markets. With a backbone of professional film experts (cinematographers, producers, scriptwriters, directors, sound recordists and editors), we have produced a number of independent and organizational stories that are of international digital standards.
We have built our reputation by being totally engaged with our clients and the mission that drives them because we believe that the best results come through understanding the bigger picture as well as having a great sense of empathy with the issues at hand in order to deliver a more effective message.
Our approach is centered on the need for more creative and effective narratives in stories related to development issues thus our aim is to strike a balance between emotions, facts and aesthetics in order to create communication that has a lasting impact.

Our Vision

To be a creative hub for film content.

Our Mission

To produce, communicate and be a distribution centre committed to promoting the art of filmmaking in East Africa and beyond.

Short-term Targets

Produce the best quality videos.

Explore 2K, 4K, 6K and up to 8K quality content videos.

Long-term Targets

To reach a wide scope of audiences with rich, social and entertaining content.

Create films, music videos, coporate videos, television content and experimental films.